Medical Services – Accounting, Taxation & Business

Medicos Services – Accounting, Taxation & BusinessPinnacle Partners pride themselves on being specialists for the Medical Profession.

We are extensively experienced in all Financial and Taxation needs of Medical Professionals. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, independent and individually tailored advice in all areas.

Our experience allows us to provide a tailored service which meets the needs of all Medical Professionals.

We aim to financially guide your whole career – from intern to consultant. To achieve this, we work harder to get you better outcomes and maximise your full financial potential. Many young doctors choose to locum at some point between their third and fifth year. In most instances this means a change in employment structure from Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax payments, to being paid the gross amount for your services and then paying your tax commitments to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Your tax affairs now become more complicated and it is important that you manage your tax commitments in an effective manner that provides certainty with cash flow while meeting the ATO requirements. We have extensive experience working through your career progress and have a simple and easy to follow process to make sure all compliance requirements are met.

If you choose to specialise, then your chosen specialty will largely dictate your current and future earnings. Given our extensive experience with doctors at all career levels, we can forecast income in the years to come. This helps in making responsible decisions around investment and tax outcomes.

Given the high incomes that specialists enjoy, income tax becomes one of the largest annual expenses. Our accounting teams are well-researched in the ways that assist to enable efficient tax effective outcomes. The most important thing we provide is certainty in your affairs.

Thinking private practice for the first…what should you consider?

  • What will your business structure be?
  • Will you go alone or head to an established clinic?
  • How will you pay for your equipment?
  • Management paperwork – Billings and bookkeeping?

Pinnacle Partners have the experience with specialist Medical Professionals; we are able to provide answers to these questions.

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